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Martin Gilmour

Martin Gilmour, Surrey County Council Transport Development Planning Officer, was awarded the 2010 Voorhees-Large Prize for his transport Masters dissertation 'Passenger Transport Surveys and Scale Effects'.


Martin, a geography graduate from Birmingham University, was supported by Surrey County Council in his Masters studies at the University of Westminster.  His winning dissertation researched possible inconsistencies between public transport passenger surveys conducted by UK authorities as result of the use of differing numbers of points on satisfaction scales. His work indicates that five point scales have important advantages over the ten point scales used by some authorities.


Martin joined Surrey County Council in October 2007, and was responsible for dealing with the transport aspects of a range of development proposals in Surrey before being promoted to a position in which he was required to deliver considered, professional and independent advice on highway safety, transport policy and sustainability in relation to development schemes.


Martin said “I was thrilled to be awarded the 2010 Voorhees-Large Prize. It makes all the hard work even more worthwhile! It is a real honour to have received it.”

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