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Ten UK universities provide taught transport Masters courses:

  • Cardiff

  • Edinburgh Napier

  • Imperial College London and UCL

  • Leeds

  • Newcastle

  • Salford

  • Southampton

  • UCL – The Bartlett

  • Westminster

  • West of England (UWE).


Information on the courses they provide and links to their websites can be found at


This site also shows those courses that have been approved for award of the Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP) qualification, an important criterion for those intending to pursue a career in transport planning.  More information on the CTPP is available at and


Some of the Masters courses are also accredited as providing the further learning required for award of Chartered Engineer to those without an accredited MEng.


While completing a CTPP approved or CEng accredited transport Masters provides you with the knowledge required for award of the CTPP or CEng, completing any transport Masters is an opening to a wide range of careers including the engineering design and maintenance, managing and operating transport systems, as well as supply chain and logistics management - almost anything to do with moving people and goods.  A career in transport provides opportunities to help us all work towards effective sustainability, as well as benefitting the economy.

The fees charged for transport Masters for UK full time students for 2024-25 are as follows:

Cardiff                                   £10,700

Imperial College London          £17,600

UCL                                       £17,300

Edinburgh Napier                    £7,280

Leeds                                    £12,500

Newcastle                              £13,400

Salford                                  £9,990

Southampton                         £9,250

UWE                                     £10,250

Westminster                          £9,500

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