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David Bellinger

David Bellinger was awarded the 2011 Voorhees-Large Prize for his transport Masters dissertation 'Bunching Behaviour in London buses', submitted to the University of Westminster.


David used data from Transport for London’s Automatic Vehicle Location system, iBus, which became fully operational early in 2009.  iBus uses GPS, odometers and gyroscopes coupled with mapping software to record the location of every London bus every second. David developed a new metric to describe bunching and used this to measure bunching on 30 London bus routes.


A physics graduate who went on to graduate in singing from the Guildhall School of Music, David developed a career as a singer before deciding to become a transport planner, and to study for a Masters at Westminster University.   Having completed his Masters, David was given a placement by TfL to improve the accuracy of the Countdown algorithm, before joining Steer Davies Gleave.

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