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Brian Large Bursaries

Brian Large Bursaries of £9,250 have been awarded to four students in 2023:

Natalie Lakehal              University of Cardiff

Owen Wallace               University of Cardiff

David Gannon               University of Westminster

The full list of all previous bursary awards is available from the link below.

Voorhees-Large Prize

The list of Voorhees-Large Prize winners and links to the pages where more detail is provided is as follows:


2010  - Martin Gilmour, University of Westminster, 'Passenger Transport Surveys and Scale Effects’.


2011 - David Bellinger, University of Westminster, ‘Bunching Behaviour in London buses’.


2012 - Susanna Bass, Imperial College London and UCL, ‘Development and Evaluation of Synthetic Populations for London’. 


2013 - Kerri Rogan, Imperial College and UCL, ‘A mixed method study of gender differences in pedal cyclists’ risk in London'.


2014 - Tom Horrell, Imperial College and UCL, ‘What are the effects of a ‘shared space’ scheme on different users?‘

2015 - Imogen Thompson, UCL, ‘Identifying the Impact of Transport Connectivity on Housing Prices in London:  A Hedonic Analysis of Two Transport Links'.

2016 - Colin Harwood, University of Westminster, 'An Investigation into the Accuracy of Trip Generation Forecasts for New Developments in England'.

2017 - Samira Marx Pinheiro, University of Leeds, ‘Estimating fare elasticities in rail demand in Great Britain using Bayesian inference’.

2018 - Lucy Martin,  Southampton University, ‘Geo-Demographic Profiling of Road Casualty Risk across Devon’.

2019 - Alice Saunders, UCL, 'Living at home and going nowhere? How living with parents affects the travel behaviour of millennial Londoners’.

2020 - Miaw Ling Chor, University of Leeds, 'Residential Price Impacts due to London Overground & Potential Inference for Metroisation’.

2021 - Daniel Watts, University of Westminster, ‘A Methodology To Create A Work-From-Home Trip Generation Indicator: An Application In England And Wales’.

2022 - Craig Smith, UCL’s Bartlett School of Planning, ‘Accessibility, Urban Design, and the Whole Journey Experience of Visually Impaired People in London’.

2023 - Jamie Ward, ITS, University of Leeds, 'A route-level analysis of the relationship between bike sharing and public transport: integration, complementation and substitution'.

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