Brian Large Bursaries

Brian Large Bursaries were awarded in 2014 to:


Matthew Barron                 Cardiff University

Christopher Kingston          Imperial College London and UCL

Maja Marciniak                  Imperial College London and UCL

Clifford Zwomuya              University of Leeds


In 2015, they were awarded to

Melissa Giusti                   Salford University              

Robert Mason                   University of Leeds

Adam Smith                     University of Leeds


In 2016, they were awarded to:

Elizabeth Banner               University of Leeds

Samuel Davenport            Cardiff University

Bilal Raja                         Salford University

And in 2017 to:

Sebastian Rembalski          Cardiff University

Oana-Carina Tuinea           University of Leeds

Cecilia Karlsson                 Westminster University

Voorhees-Large Prize

The first Voorhees-Large Prize was awarded in 2010 to Martin Gilmour, for his dissertation at the University of Westminster ‘Passenger Transport Surveys and Scale Effects’.


Another Westminster student, David Bellinger, won the 2011 Prize for his dissertation ‘Bunching Behaviour in London buses’.


The 2012 Prize was won by Susanna Bass, who studied at Imperial College London and UCL, for her dissertation ‘Development and Evaluation of Synthetic Populations for London’. 


The 2013 prize was won by another Imperial College and UCL graduate, Kerri Rogan for her dissertation ‘A mixed method study of gender differences in pedal cyclists’ risk in London'.


A third Imperial College and UCL graduate, Tom Horrell, won the 2014 prize for/ his dissertation ‘What are the effects of a ‘shared space’ scheme on different users?‘


The 2015 Prize was won by Imogen Thompson for her dissertation ‘Identifying the Impact of Transport Connectivity on Housing Prices in London:  A Hedonic Analysis of Two Transport Links”  at UCL.

Colin Harwood won the 2016 Prize for “An Investigation into the Accuracy of Trip Generation Forecasts for New Developments in England” at the University of Westminster.

Samira Marx Pinheiro won the 2017 Prize for her University of Leeds Transport Economics Masters dissertation ‘Estimating fare elasticities in rail demand in Great Britain using Bayesian inference’.

Lucy Martin has been awarded the 2018 Voorhees-Large Prize for her Southampton University​ Transport Planning and Engineering Masters dissertation ‘Geo-Demographic Profiling of Road Casualty Risk across Devon’.

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